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The one-stop ebooklets are designed to be several 'information packed' pages in length, inexpensive, and concentrating on one aspect of photography technique or a digital procedure. Most of the digital procedures will be accompanied by a video tutorial - where indicated - making the ebooklet even better value!

Ebooklets available:

Paint Bucket Solution

eBlet#1 Making the Paint Bucket Work!
Free Sample!

The Adobe Photoshop Paint Bucket tool has the irritating habit of leaving a line unfilled when you use it to fill a shape when you have already painted the edge of the shape i.e. when making selections with Quick Mask. This ebooklet will explain in detail why this happens and how to overcome the problem - saving you having to waste valuable time manually painting out the line each time you use this procedure (which is quite often)!



eVid #1 Extract Image Colours to Custom Palette

A short video showing how to extract the colours from an image in Photoshop and use them to create a custom palette for use on other work.

More ebooklets and videos coming very soon!    


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