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Lynn took my 'Mastering Image Correction' online course at The Digital Art Academy in May 2008.

"I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Mastering Image Correction course Les, and how much I have used the info since the course ended. Especially for my own photos, and sometimes for my work photos, you took all the fear out of using levels and curves, gave me the confidence to use them easily, to correct colour, change the tones and overall feel of an image. I've removed colour casts, lightened shadows without affecting the whole photo, corrected the extra red that my camera adds, whitened teeth.....the list goes on. Thank you!"

Lynn Elias - CANADA

Lynn was so impressed by the 'Mastering Image Correction' course that she then immediately followed it with my 'Creative Photo Effects #1' course in July 2008 and had this to say:

"I rate this course as excellent! I liked everything about the class. Les's course material is thorough and easy to understand. The various techniques were all interesting, and I will definitely be using them on my own photos - in fact I already have! A side benefit is learning new things about Photoshop, that can be applied to everyday processes.
An excellent course, just as I would expect, from Les Meehan!


Later Lynn emailed this...

Dear Les

I want to thank you and wish you all the best. I thoroughly enjoyed this course, as I did 'Mastering Image Correction' and will be looking for more courses from you!

Throughout your course material, I have discovered some truly wonderful new techniques that I will be exploring further. The other bonus to these classes is learning more about photoshop which is useful in so many other applications as well.

Thank you again, enjoy the summer, (although I believe you have a lot more summer left than I do!) and I will see you in the months to come.

Take care,


Lynn Elias - CANADA

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Deb took my 'Mastering Image Correction' online workshop at The Digital Art Academy in July 2008.

This was her initial reaction...

"Wow! The first lesson is great! I've just gone over it once and have already learned quite a few new things - it gets me thinking!"

...then after the first lesson...

"Wonderful lesson and assignment. I have learned so much, exactly what I was hoping for! The videos are wonderful!"

At the end of the course Deb sent this as the course evaluation to Digital Art Academy...

"I've been taking online classes for a few years now and I think this has been the best (and most practical) so far, so I'm very impressed!

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the course I'm just finishing-Mastering Image Correction with Les Meehan. This is a fantastic class-I have learned so much from Les, he is a wonderful teacher. He presented the basics of image correction from start to finish using a step by step approach. His lessons were very well presented and this class was actually more than I had hoped for! I plan on taking Les' other class in the near future-I have immensely enjoyed my first class at DAA!
Thanks so much!

This was the Academy Director's response to Deb's evaluation...

"Les is this Gem that is just waiting to be discovered here at DAA. He really is an amazing instructor."

Karen Bonaker - DAA (www.digitalartacademy.com)

Then Deb sent this to me...

I do very much want to thank you for this wonderful class-it has been very helpful. I have many photos on my hard drive that will benefit from what I've learned here! On my way home this morning, I was thinking about a slightly underexposed photo of my grand daughter when she was 18 mos old. It's not a bad photo, I like the composition but it's just kind of flat and dark. I'm assuming that I will use the same workflow on a portrait as we have been using on our landscapes. That will be my project next week, I think. Anyway, thank you again and I'll be showing up in your other class [Creative Photo Effects #1] sooner or later-just like a bad penny!

Take care,


Deb Murray - USA

Erin also took my 'Mastering Image Correction' online workshop at The Digital Art Academy in July 2008.

First week reaction...

"I am really enjoying the course."

Then at the end...

"This course was excellent! The wealth of information was great. This was the first time I had taken a course online and I cannot wait to do more. I feel I got so much out of the experience I cannot narrow it down to just one aspect. The entire experience was fun and educational. I will be back for more!"

Erin Clemmer - USA

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If you find the extensive information on this site useful, please consider supporting the maintenance costs by making a donation. Thank You.



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